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Ambassador Financial is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the poor through microfinance.  We work both as an individual organzation as well as in partnership with other like minded development organization to be the "Micro Finance expert".

Ambassador Financial was formed when Brooke Mueller wanted to find a way to combine her education and experience in Community Development with her passion for finance to help the materially poor and live out her mission to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Our Mission

The mission of Ambassador Financial is to support the image of God in those in material poverty by providing affordable, safe lending to those without access to financial capital.  Additionally, we aim to provide financial education regarding personal budgeting and entrepreneurship, and to share the gospel throughout all our activities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see the lives of those we serve enriched through greater access to capital, earning a standard of living that allows them to provide adequate nutrition, shelter, and clothing for their families.  We desire to see them running successful businesses while developing healthy relationships with Jesus Christ, each other, and their environment and to see them sharing their knowledge and the gospel with others in their communities.

Where we Work
  1. We are first and foremost founded on the gospel, and we do what we do because we are charged with being the hands and feet of Jesus and making disciples of all nations.

  2. We are all broken, spiritually poor creatures that can only achieve salvation and restored relationship with God the Father through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, His Son.  This applies to all, regardless of material wealth.  Restoration happens when we acknowledge our complete inability to save ourselves and our complete sinfulness and repent, putting God back in the role of ruler of our lives.

  3. We all bear the image of God and it is God’s desire to see that image developed in all of our lives.

  4. That image of God is supported in us when we are following His command to work and be fruitful in our labors.










Ambassador Financial works all over the world.  Currently our projects are focused on Nicaragua.  If you want to get more information about a possible project or partnership with us, Contact us!

Brooke Garcia, CFA
President, Founder

Brooke Garcia majored in Intercultural Studies and Community Development at John Brown University, and has been working in Nicaragua doing community development for the last nine years.  She now works in the finance and investment world as a Trust Operations Manager.

Board Of Directors

Mitchell Herren


Kim Mastaslio

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